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Feb 23, 2015
Below is a chart of the membership levels we offer and the features that are included.
We appreciate your support! :)

Click Here To Become a Premium Member

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Click Here To Become a Premium Member

*All memberships are auto-renewing except *Lifetime Platinum*
1. By signing up as a premium member you are helping support the community and keeping this site running. Because we rely on these contributions to pay our website fees we cannot offer "refunds". You can however cancel your membership at any time by visiting your user control panel. Before your account renews we send out an email notification before renewal. We also put notifications at the top of the forum regarding your account. You're responsible for your account, and your account automatically renews yearly. If your account renews and you try to ask for a refund you will not be granted one as we don't offer "refunds". PayPal handles all financial transactions, please contact them should the need to modify your membership subscription arise. So please watch your account.

2. Free Hoodie will only be shipped in the USA! Overseas shipping will be extra and paid by the member to receive the merchandise. We ship USPS Priority with tracking number and email confirmation.

3. Hoodie sizes kept in stock are MED, LG, XL, & 2XL. *3XL & 4XL have to be ordered*

4. Lifetime members must contact us for free Hoodie with full shipping address and size. Please message IGOTAMUSTANG.COM.
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