Urgent Help Rules

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Feb 23, 2015
Welcome to the Urgent Help section. This forum is meant to offer you help with issues that are urgent in nature. Some examples would be a problem encountered during a critical part of a build or some repair.

This forum will be monitored and if someone is not immediately available to answer your questions, we will make an effort to find a qualified expert to answer the thread. Please be aware that this is not guarantied. This forum is public so anyone is allowed to comment or help out provided they are qualified to do so.


1. All other forum rules apply

2. ABSOLUTELY no post whoring. Irrelevant posts will be deleted.

3. Comment ONLY if you can answer or contribute to the resolve of the poster's question. Please know what you are talking about. These answers are critical to the poster's resolve.

4. If you are posting a question please provide the smallest of details. What are your mods or any other relevant bits of information you can provide.

5. Respect the members that contribute. They are here to help you. Be kind and watch your tone.

6. Post ONLY if you require urgent or emergency help as listed above. If a question is asked and the Moderation team feels it is not urgent, the thread may be moved to the appropriate technical section with out notice. Please understand that people may be dropping what they are doing to help you so use this forum with care.

Please do not abuse this forum. It is being provided as a courtesy for all of our members free of charge and the people who contribute are taking valuable time from their busy schedules to help you.
Not open for further replies.